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PRETA PORTÊ FILMES was founded in 2009 in São Paulo, Brazil, by Juliana Vicente with the objective of developing and producing audiovisual projects that combine art and communication for a diversified market.

Since its beginning, Preta Portê Filmes has produced fiction films, documentaries, TV programs and videoclips. Our work has been seen in many festivals around the world, such as Berlinale, Clermont-Ferrand, Rotterdam and Havana, receiving more than 100 awards.

We focus on projects with both social and artistic relevance that contribute to the development of the Latin-American film industry. We seek to build a body of work that contributes to human progress and promotes diversity, characteristics well translated into our projects and multicultural tendencies.



JULIANA VICENTE is a producer, director and the founder of Preta Portê Filmes. She has BA in film from FAAP and studied at EICTV in Cuba. She also took part in international workshops such as Rotterdam Lab (Holland, 2012), EAVE Puentes-AustraLAB (Uruguay/Chile, 2012), TorinoFilmLab (Russia/Italy, 2013) and Berlinale Talents (Germany, 2015).

She has produced over twenty short films that have been chosen by many important film festivals worldwide,  garnering over one hundred awards. She directed the short film Cores e Botas (Havana, 2010 and Huelva, 2011) and the documentary short Leva (Havana, 2011, awarded at the New York Film Festivals®, 2012) in co-production with Canal Futura. Maintaining that partnership, Juliana directed the short Mauá: Luz ao Redor, for the Why Poverty? Project, which was shown in over 70 channels worldwide and at prominent festivals such as IDFA and TIFF. She is the creator and producer for the Mil Faces de Um Homem Leal – Marighella music video, by Racionais MC’s, which took home the Video of the Year award at the 2012 VMB, by MTV.

In 2014, Juliana premiered the documentary Escola das Águas: o Desafio Pantaneiro and in 2015, the documentary As Minas do RAP, both in partnership with Canal Futura. Also in 2015, she released the feature film Anna K., directed by renowned artist José Roberto Aguilar,  in partnership with Canal Brasil. The movie was Preta Portê’s first feature length film, and the company was also responsible for its distribution both in theaters and VOD. In that same year she co-produced A Terra e a Sombra, directed by César Acevedo, which won four awards at Cannes, the Caméra D’Or among them.

In 2016, Juliana will premier the first official documentary ever produced about Brazil’s most famous rap group, Racionais MC’s. Also in 2016, her project Diálogos com Ruth de Souza, a feature length documentary about the actress’ life, was one of the winners of Rumos Itaú Cultural. The film is set to be released in 2017.

Currently she develops LILY AND THE DRAGONFLIES, by the director René Guerra, project that participated of the BrLab (Brazil), Taller Colón – Fundación Typa (Argentina), Rotterdam Lab (Holland) and EAVE Puentes Australab (Uruguay-Chile), in which they won the Best Project award.

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Preta Portê Filmes is a Brazilian company that produces film and audiovisual content for TV and other media. Browse through our website and find out more about our work!

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