Dir: Juliana Vicente
Year: 2017
Runtime: 15’00″
Coproduction: Canal Futura
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese


The documentary AFRONTA! throws light on powerful contemporary Brazilian black youth that tells their owns trajectories and opportunities that generate their constitution as individuals and are expressed by their works. Important contemporary names reflect about AFROFUTURISM, as an aesthetics and philosophical movement, about afro-diasporic encounters and the formation of this network as generator autonomy and power. Shooted in different places in the country as Recife, Bahia, São Paulo, Minas and Rio de Janeiro, Afronta! presents names as Rincon Sapiência, rapper; Grace Passô, actriz and award winning playwright and Ingrid Silva, ballet dancer at Dance Theater of Harlem, NY.
AFRONTA! is available on Netflix Brazil, Africa, Latin America, Spain, Portugal, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.


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We are on Netflix!

Preta Portê in on Netflix! Directed by Juliana Vicente, AFRONTA! series is already available on five continents, including countries like South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugual, United States, Argentina, Australia and Colombia.


We are in Afropunk 2020!

Juliana Vicente attended PLANET AFROPUNK, one of the largest festivals dedicated to black culture in the world!


Mujeres Afro en Escena – Connecting Diasporas in Latin America

Director of Preta Portê Filmes Juliana Vicente and producer Monique Rocco attended the event “Mujeres Afro En Escena”, a meeting that honours the talent and create solutions for black actresses, cultural producers and filmmakers around Latin America and Caribbean.


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