Cidade Correria

Production: Preta Portê Filmes
Dir: Juliana Vicente
Co-Director: Washington Deoli
Country: Brazil

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From the show “Runaround City” developed by “Coletivo Bonobando”, we embarked with them on a trip through the city of Rio de Ja neiro, their stories, conquests and anguish. The documentary portrays the realities lived by these young people, the need to move to the city and live the theater in a professional way. Contextualizing reports of their personal lives and scenes from the show itself, the series interviews them in the arena dicró, a cultural space near the complex of favelas of Penha, where 10 youths developed the work in an artistic residency that culminated in the collective and in the show “Runaround City”. All of the participants already had some theatrical experience before the residence process, and passed casting auditions to enter the first phase of the experience, culminating in body and voice work, a rehearsal room and later in the show “Runaround City”.


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We are on Netflix!

Preta Portê in on Netflix! Directed by Juliana Vicente, AFRONTA! series is already available on five continents, including countries like South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugual, United States, Argentina, Australia and Colombia.


We are in Afropunk 2020!

Juliana Vicente attended PLANET AFROPUNK, one of the largest festivals dedicated to black culture in the world!


Mujeres Afro en Escena – Connecting Diasporas in Latin America

Director of Preta Portê Filmes Juliana Vicente and producer Monique Rocco attended the event “Mujeres Afro En Escena”, a meeting that honours the talent and create solutions for black actresses, cultural producers and filmmakers around Latin America and Caribbean.


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